Monday, March 9, 2009

Soulja Boy

Regardless of how you feel about the teenage wunderkind known as Soulja Boy and his infectious song Crank That, you can't deny the impact the two made on pop culture last year. As the first decade of the new millennium is coming to a close, one can confidently say that much like Brit Brit's bald head and Rihanna's Umbrella, Soulja Boy contributions will rank high as some of the most memorable moment of this decade. However, they're a little forgettable. Dallas based company, Yum, has signed Soulja Boy to a multi-year sneaker and apparel contract. His duties include wearing the Skittle-colored patent sneakers and day-glo t-shirts at every event and name dropping them on his next album.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

T-Pain Konvict

In an era where hip-hop artists’ success is measured by the price tags on their chains and overly opulent music videos for their latest singles, T-Pain, the industry’s most recent mogul, never falls short of extravagance. T-Pain’s new album release, dubbed Thr33 Ringz, is a loose metaphor relating the hip-hop music industry to a three-ring circus. T-Pain, the self-proclaimed ringleader, has been featured on an incredible amount of hip-hop singles over the past two years, vaulting himself to elite status in the hip-hop world in an unbelievably small amount of time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rick Ross Mini-Me
After the experience of touring with Jay-Z and rocking 50,000 seat arenas across the globe, Ross has laced his music with a sentimental yet guarded edge that defines hip-hip's classic offerings. DJ Toomp, Cool N Dre, and The Runners are among the track masters lending their talent to Trilla and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. The monumental "Maybach Music" features Jay-Z and takes the chill factor of the "Hustlin" remix to unfathomable levels. That song will be battling head-to-head with "Luxury Tax" (featuring Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy) for record of the year.

Plies dark mask

RUMORS: Updated: Rick Ross & Plies Beef?
DEFINITION OF REAL,” the blockbuster second album from Big Gates/Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic recording artist Plies, has been certified gold by the RIAA for sales in excess of 500,000. The album – which features the #1 single, “Bust It Baby Part 2 (Feat. Ne-Yo)” – debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its June release, with sales of 214,000 – the highest selling first-week numbers in the history of the Miami-based Slip-N-Slide Records. Plies’ next album, “Da REAList,” is slated to hit the streets on December 16th, marking the Ft. Myers, Florida-based rap superstar’s third full-length release in just under 16 months.

50 Cent Get Chain Snatched?

RUMORS: 50 Cent Get Chain Snatched?
The story goes the Unit was on stage doing their thing when somebody jumped on stage and tried to hug 50. Of course he was quickly rejected and told to get off stage but before he did he reached out and snatched the chain off 50’s neck and rode out. Apparently security went looking for him but no luck.We all know 50 Cent is on some global take over shit and has been traveling heavily in Europe and Africa. Well now people are saying he was the victim of a snatch and run at a show in Angola yesterday.

Busta Rhymes's pendants diamonds
Still, MCs who are going all-out today are doing it just as hard as their forefathers did back in the day. Right now, Busta Rhymes has a diamond Mets cap pendant, a diamond Rangers jersey pendant and a diamond New York Knicks medallion, among others.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lil Jon goes large

The Guinness Book of World Records has just added Rapper LIL’ JON as the owner of the largest diamond pendant ever. The hip-hop star’s, “Crunk Aint Dead” pendant is 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) tall, six inches (15.2 centimeters) wide, and one inch (2.5 centimeters) thick. It weighs almost 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms) and features 73 carats of diamonds – with 3,756 round-cut white diamonds encrusted in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The diamond pendant has been valued at about $500,000 .